1st place – Pannonian Challenge
1st place – Burn Roll Sarajevo
1st place – Winner of Belgrade
2nd place – Offline Sport Games
3rd place – Offline Sport Games
3rd place – Munich Mash
7th place – World Cup, Czech
8th place – FISE World Series China
9th place – FISE World Series, France
11th place – FISE World Series Denver, Colorado

2017 –

8th place – FISE World Series China
8th place – International Flowgrind
9th place – FISE World Series, France
19th place – World Cup, Spain
21th place – World Cup, Canada
23th place – World Cup, Austria
27th place – World Cup, Poland
28th place – World Cup, Estonia

2016 –

1st place – Pula Open
1st place – Rushe local contest, Slovenia
4th place – Extreme Barcelona Open
4th place – Austria Weiz Open
11th place – FISE World Cup, Denver USA
16th place – World Cup Tokyo
18th place – World Cup, Czech
23th place – FISE World Cup, France

2015 –

1st place – Urban Project, NG
1st place – Burn Roll to Sarajevo Soul, Sarajevo
1st place – Blue Tomato/Sparkasse, Austria
1st place – Rushe competition
2nd place – Greenanger contest, Austria
4th place – Burn Offline Sport Games, Budapest
4th place – Pannonian Challenge, Croatia
7th place – WORLD CUP, Czech
10th place- FISE WORLD CUP, China
11th place – WORLD CUP, Canada Montreal
Won a few best tricks – Salzburg Cage contest, Austria

2014 –

1st place – Gotzis, Austria
1st place – Cultural boarders, Austria
1st place – Urban Projekt,NG
1st place – Worthersee Challenge, Austria
2nd place – Offline SportGames, Budapest
2nd place – Austria, Weiz
2nd place – Winner of Belgrade
2nd place – DC Flow grind International skate contest in Slovenia, NG
3rd place – Munich Mash, Germany
4th place – Burn Electric Castle Festivala in Romania
5th place – International skateboard contes in Austria, Linz
6th place – Pannonian Challenge, Croatia
6th place – Krap Challenge in Italy, Bologna
15th place – World Cup Moscow

2013 –

1st place – Best In The East in Italy
1st place – Slovenia Skate Open
1st place – Volcom Wild In The Parks, Slovenia
1st place – Burn Refresh Festival
2nd place – Winner Of Belgrade
2nd place – Street Heroes, Bucharest
3rd place – Pannonian Challenge
3rd place – Offline Sport Games, Budapest
14th place – DC Back To The Streets in Poland
28th place – Simple Session World Cup in Estonia, Tallinn

2012 –

1st place – Award for the best rider of the week at the Vans Cup, Italy
1st place – Pannonian Challenge Pro, Croatia
1st place – Winner Of Belgrade
1st place – Burn Sarajevo Soul
1st place – 5-0 EPK competition
2nd place – Vans Cup, Italy
2nd place – Italian Cahmpionships
2nd place – Best In The East, Italy
2nd place – Element Make It Count
6th place – Burn Offline Sport Games, Budapest
33th place – Simpel Session World Cup, Estonia-Tallinn

2011 –

1st place – Target Slovenia skate Open
1st place – Burn roll Sarajevo
2nd place – Winner of Belgrade
3rd place – Panonnian Challenge pro, Croatia
2nd place – Es game of skate
3rd place – Red Bull manny mania

2010 –

1st place – Red Bull Manny Mania Slovenia
1st place – Best trick contest in italy
1st place – Rolka – Carhartt competition
4th place – italy – Best line competition

2009 –

1st place – Pendrek contest
2nd place – Austria Klagenfurt Worthersee Challenge
2nd place – Ajdovščina festival skate competition
3th place – Quiksilver Slovenia Skate Open
3th place – Es game od skate Slovenia

2008 –

4th place – Winner of Belgrade
4th place – Urban projekt Slovenia