Timotej Lampe Ignjic

DOB: January 28, 1992
Hometown: Ljubljana, SLO
Occupation: Professional Skateboarder


Timotej’s skateboarding story started in
summer 2004, when his dad bought him his first skateboard as a gift for the end of a successful school year

Since then, he has spent every single day
on his skateboard. Nothing could ever be so important it would make him miss a session without his best friend skateboard

At first his parents didn’t really supported
him, because they thought skateboarding was just one of the sports Timi has already tried in the past, just a short-term distraction, which was only going to last for a year or two. But after he started winning junior competitions, they started providing their full support

Timi says he is super grateful for
everything his parents have given up because of his dreams, especially his dad who was driving him all around the Europe just for a competition

In 2009 Timotej started traveling all over
the World for the biggest skateboarding competitions. He started participating in World Cup and other big skateboarding events world-wide

Now he is filming big skate commercials,
skateboard movies, World Cup events and also working on many other projects which enable him to live his dreams and to do what he loves the most